Operations Manager

Reference Number: 4204-DEW
Location: Nashville, TN

Are you a high potential manager with aspirations of upward mobility in a publicly traded company?  Do you possess good mentoring and development skills? If you have answered yes to both of these questions my company is looking for you. If you fit the following qualifications, can handle the described responsibilities, then please send your resume to me for review. Good luck and I hope to talk with you soon!


The qualified candidate will:

  • Preferably have a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Have worked in an automated distribution center for 5-10 years at a minimum.
  • Have been in in a management role in a DC for at least 3 years.
  • Have documented success within their current position.
  • Show mastery of their current position with regard to metrics, systems, and processes.
  • Have experience in a distribution center where the conveyor is measured in miles not feet.
  • Have documented leadership skills where they have stories of subordinates who have been promoted into higher roles.



The main responsibility of this position is to develop and motivate 2-3 front line leaders and 60-70 individuals to meet their goals in a high volume automated distribution center. In order to meet these goals, one must be able to manage people in a way that will bring out their maximum productivity. Successfully hired applicants will be responsible for shift:

  • Production
  • Safety
  • Process Improvement
  • Accuracy
  • And all other departmental production for the building.


Company Information:

My client is a 15 Billion dollar organization whose sales are up 8% and their income has jumped by over 30%. This company is a name brand dominant player in their specific industry and they have won many wonderful awards for the way they treat their employees over the past decade. They are a people-oriented company with the means in mind…not just the end.

If this sounds like a company, opportunity, or environment in which you would like to fit, please send your resume to:

Damien Wesner