Maintenance Supervisor

Reference Number: 4056-ANS
Location: Boise, ID


Job Description

  • Maintains equipment in good operating condition to minimize downtime. 
  • Supervises hourly employees as assigned.
  •  Assists the Maintenance Manager in the preparation of and adherence to annual maintenance budgets. 
  • Trains, coaches, and holds direct reports accountable in a manner that assures maximum development and utilization of talent.
  •  Maintains and improves employee and plant productivity.• Supports the safety program(s) and departmental safety requests. 
  • Communicates all pertinent information to direct reports, peers, and supervisors both within and outside of the Maintenance Department. 
  • Categorizes and prioritizes necessary work and integrate this into the current workload while maintaining a low but complete inventory of required parts and materials. 
  •  Ensures that the Maintenance Department is in compliance with BOS’s, safety programs, and shop audits.
  •  Oversees the execution of planned and scheduled work, including auditing performance and quality of work. 
  •  Takes an active role in process improvement initiatives, employee training, and utilization of SPC for process improvement. 
  •  Supports Processing, Packaging, Sanitation, Quality, and other departments to the extent affected by the responsibilities of the Maintenance Department. 
  •  Coordinates the maintenance of the entire factory, including buildings, grounds, and rolling stock. 


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
  • Past experience in the food or beverage industry
  • At least 3 years of maintenance supervisory experience