Maintenance Manager

Reference Number: 4061-ANS
Location: Fort Worth, TX

Job description 

  •  Establish safety as a priority within the Maintenance Department and throughout the entire plant.  
  • Review and modify the Preventative Maintenance Schedule as necessary.  
  • Maintain the labor schedule for the Engineering Department.  
  • Assure that there are adequate parts in stock/on order to efficiently maintain the equipment and facility. 
  • Maintenance of the plant CMMS program.  
  • Comply with all local, federal and state electrical, mechanical, plumbing, safety and environmental regulations.  
  • Attend meetings, prepare reports and process documents as may be required. 
  • Make recommendations and champion projects for the advancement of machine and process efficiencies, costs savings, environmental compliance and overall bakery best practices. 
  • Analyze and make recommendations for the purchase, installation and subsequent operation of equipment that will advance the projects listed above. 
  • Be an advisor to the Plant Manager and other department heads on engineering and efficiency related issues. 
  • To inspect and identify issues with all equipment and facilities herein. Failures of plant equipment shall be documented, reviewed and their repair incorporated into the maintenance controls schedule.  
  • To identify and inform plant management of issues to be followed up on, especially and repairs that pose a potential threat to product safety or breakage/damage that could cause a food safety risk


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
  • Past experience in the food or beverage industry
  • At least 5-7 years of supervisory maintenance experience