Process Control Tech

Reference Number: 3799-ANS
Location: Stephen's Point, WI

Assist manager and coordinator in formula recipe management work stream. Conduct studies and organize data relating to efficiencies in the line flow process to maximize raw material utilization and total solids utilization.

  • Validate current waste stream 
  • Obtain data for targeting at critical measurement locations.
  • Build Out of Control Action Plans (OCAPs) based on targets and adjust as necessary 
  • Train employees in use of OCAPs.
  • Assist in developing and performing Design of Experiments in conjunction with Process Control Engineer(s).
  • Gather and coordinate resource requirements for Process Control Studies.
  • Assist in carrying out Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility studies and Measurement Systems Analysis with the Process Control Engineer.
  • Develop Gage R&R Methodology and procedures.
  • Responsible for Best Operating Practice (BOP) implementation along with the Processing Area Manager and subordinates.
  • Identify and correct gaps in compliance
  • Create Standard Operating Procedures, One Point Lessons, and Standard Work for BOPs and Process Control procedures.
  • Audit Infinity data input and OCAP implementation.
  • Update Infinity database on Formula Recipe Management (FRM) changes.
  • Provide Month End reports on Waste Streams for management.
  • Utilize Infinity database to include updating, creating and modifying projects as needed.
  • Take direction from Process Control Lead.
  • Support lean manufacturing principles.
  • Follow company policy for job safety.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by management.



Bachelor's degree

Food Industry Experience

Technical background in a high speed/high volume manufacturing environment