Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Reference Number: 1921-LLD
Location: South Bend indiana

  The neuropsychiatric hospital located in these Northern Indiana communities is seeking a psychiatric nurse practitioner(PMHNP) for the facility.


The model being used is 1 medical nurse practitioner, 1 psychiatric nurse practitioner, a psychologist + a psychiatrist.   The four person team will be the provider team for the patient with medical issues but will be requiring psychiatric care while hospitalized.   You will be a part of the provider team not only addressing the patient needs but the families as well.

Located in Northern Indiana serving a  multi county area functioning as a Federally funded Health Care facility.   This facility addresses a much-overlooked patient population must hospitals find difficult to manage.  Feel the reward of your profession as you participate in this team administering care to the geriatric patient. 


To be considered you Must hold a valid license as an RN in the State of Indiana and have completed a Master's Degree beings certified as a Physiciatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.   

Contact Laura Duncan, Sr Healthcare Recruiter, Manta Resources, Inc 317 678 0098 /