Distribution Center - Supervisor

Reference Number: 3716-RKS
Location: Jonesville, SC

DistributionCenter Supervisor

Are you a high potential supervisor with management potential written all over yourself? Do you possess good mentoring and development skills along with patience? If so, you may be qualified to join one of the fastest growing distribution center networks in the United States. If you fit the following qualifications and can handle the described responsibilities, then please send your resume to the following address for review. Good luck and I hope to talk with you soon!



The qualified candidate will have a successful background in a manufacturing or distribution center production environment overseeing a minimum of 15 people. Most important to the client is the attitude the supervisor brings to the table. Qualified applicants must be able to develop, coach, mentor, and help grow team members in their respective department in addition to working well with others. In other words, they must have the ability to lead! Lastly, candidates should be open to relocation for promotion within 12-18 months as we are opening 3 million Square Feet of new DC in the next three years.




The hired candidate will be responsible for managing a group of 20-25 individuals in an automated distribution production environment. They will be responsible for the motivation and morale of teammates in their respective department and will monitor productivity, attendance, and address team member concerns. Further, supervisors will regularly cross-train for developmental purposes.


Company Description:

My Fortune 500 client is one of the premier retail distribution center growth stories of recent years. They have an in-depth training program, great benefits, and a high potential for upward mobility. They are looking for leaders who are motivated, and relocatable in the future to keep up with their network growth. 

If you are a Distribution Center Supervisor, Department Manager, Coach, Group Leader, or Area Manager and are frustrated with your current opportunities for growth, please send your resume to:


Rebekah Shirar

Project Coordinator - Manta Resources, Inc.